Each of the user partners is important for the Centre’s innovation and value creation:

Partners within Private sector


Isola AS is a leading producer of roofing, windows, and a wide range of different membranes for the building industry. Isola's business concept is to be the leading moisture problem solver for the construction industry regarding roofs, walls and slab on ground. 

Isola’s priorities in Klima 2050


Finance Norway represents some 200 financial institutions operating in the Norwegian market. The institutions operate within different sectors of financial activity. Of special relevance for our participation in Klima 2050 is our involvement in property and casualty insurance.

Finance Norway’s priorities in Klima 2050


Mesterhusgruppen is represented in Klima 2050 by Mesterhus and Unikus. Mesterhus is Norway's largest home builder. The basic idea of Mesterhus is making high-quality home buildings built by the local master builder with knowledge, seriousness and craftsmanship.

Unikus is an architectural and engineering firm with extensive experience and knowledge in building design, specialized in dwellings, low-rise buildings and kindergartens. Unikus cooperate closely with Mesterhus.

Mesterhus/Unikus’s priorities in Klima 2050 


Multiconsult AS is a leading firm of consulting engineers and designers in Norway and Scandinavia, with expertise spanning a wide range of disciplines including building and infrastructure. We manage complex projects within fields such as oil and gas, buildings and properties, industry, transport, infrastructure and landscape, energy and the environment.

Multiconsult’s priorities in Klima 2050


Norgeshus AS is of the largest housing manufacturer in Norway and is responsible for both single houses and housingfield developments.

Norgeshus’s priorities in Klima 2050 


Powel an international corporation with headquarter in Norway. Powel develops business-critical software solutions and related services for energy companies, municipalities and contractors. The concept is to provide timely and accurate information from integrated systems to help customers make strategic and operational decisions and at the same time support sustainable development.

Leca logo.jpg

Leca Norge AS, a member of Leca International, is a company in Saint-Gobain Construction Products. Saint-Gobain is one of the largest manufactures of building materials in the world. Leca International is the leading producer of expanded clay products in Europe, and develops solutions for construction and refurbishments. The spectre of products includes lightweight expanded clay aggregates for road and railway embankments, insulation and water management, as well as construction products like masonry block units.

Leca Norge's priorities in Klima 2050


Skanska Norway is part of Skanska, one of the world's leading project development and construction groups, concentrated on selected home markets in the Nordic countries, other European countries and in North America. With a focus on green construction, ethics, occupational health and safety, Skanska offers competitive solutions – not least for the most complex assignments.

 By embracing technological trends and monitoring key drivers of the industry, Skanska's research and development activities contributes to the overall goals of Skanska and its commitment in shaping a better built environment.

Skanska Norways’s priorities in Klima 2050


Skjæveland Group consists of Multiblokk, Skjæveland Cementstøperi and Storm Aqua. The three companies together deliver complete systems for stormwater management. Multiblokk AS manufactures moulded concrete products intended for use on the ground eg. paving blocks. Skjæveland Cementstøperi AS produces concrete products for use in the ground, such as infiltration wells and retention basins. Storm Aqua AS delivers conceptual solutions, consulting and measurement projects.