The aim of the pilot project

The pilot project will develop into a national focus point for stormwater knowledge, in the form of a web-based information portal for stormwater management. started as a student initiative and a demo version was available at the start of the pilot project. The web portal will include a wiki, a toolbox, a section presenting different projects and another section that presents various actors from the field of surface water management. The pilot project has a three part main objective:

  1. To further develop into a unified national web portal for surface water management, consisting of a minimum of four modules; i) wiki, ii) projects, iii) actors and iv) toolboxes.
  2. The web portal will be a national, non-commercial and freely accessible (free of charge) website.
  3. Identify, phase in and transfer ownership to a long-term owner who can manage the web portal after Klima 2050 has completed its eight-year research period.

Innovation potential is itself an innovation and a beta version will be launched in the autumn 2017. There is market demand for a national web portal that presents state-of-the-art stormwater management, documented and proven solutions for stormwater management in a Norwegian climate and relevant examples. The web portal will address different user groups, ranging from individuals to professionals in the municipalities, city planners, advisors, developers, contractors, technology providers and politicians, and it will function as a roadmap for achieving the best possible sustainable stormwater management.