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The aim of the pilot project

Network Climate Adaptation Trøndelag was established after initiative from Trondheim municipality and Sør-Trøndelag (now Trøndelag) county municipality in a meeting 02.03.2017. 

The aim of Network Climate Adaptation Trøndelag is to work for a climate robust Trøndelag within 2030. This means that the Trøndelag municipalities continuously have to adapt and prevent themselves from potential climate change damages, and that they within 2030 will be well prepared and adapted to coming climate changes.

The Network Climate Adaptation will:

  1. Establish arenas for the municipalities in Trøndelag, for motivation and exchange of knowledge and experience within climate adaptation.

  2. Contribute to interaction on climate change adaptation between public and private stakeholders.

  3. Seek new competence on climate change adaptation, through dialog with the research community in the climate change adaptation field.

The aim of the pilot project is to test and evaluate the research on climate adaptation networks conducted in Klima 2050 on how to best organize and manage networks. This will be tested in cooperation with Network Climate Adaptation Trøndelag.


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Innovation potential

The innovation potential is based in testing the research and document the effect of the findings on how networks should be organized and managed to lead to specific measures for climate adaptation in the organizations of the participants. The focus in this pilot is in process innovation.


  • Description of the pilot project in Norwegian

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