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The aim of the pilot project

The blue-green roof pilot project at the Høvringen wastewater treatment plant consists of three test areas equipped with their own meteorological measurement station and an advanced system for measuring the amount of water passing through the roof drain from each of the test areas. It is possible to measure the entire amount of water from small droplets to extreme rainfall.

The pilot project was established at Høvringen as a test area to develop blue-green and blue-grey roofs, and to study the capacity of these kinds of solutions and products to deal with stormwater. The pilot project will provide examples and data for use in the planning of future stormwater management. A goal is to investigate how the local climate affects roofs.



Innovation potential

The pilot project will both demonstrate and document the effect, and show how different solutions for blue-green and blue-grey roofs can work in the climate in Trondheim. The innovation potential lies in developing components (materials), solutions and concepts for blue-green and blue-grey stormwater measures. In addition to solutions for roofs, the results from Høvringen could be used during the development of rain-beds/ parks and other outdoor facilities, which will be important for management of surface water in urban areas in the future.

In addition to preventing flood damage, the blue-green measures contribute to increasing, the amount of vegetation, natural diversity and the well-being of the population. In Norway and perhaps especially on the European level, blue-green solutions are thought to be part of the solution to delay drainage through retention and detention, as well as supporting the safe diversion of stormwater to rivers and lakes. The harsh Norwegian and Nordic climate, means simply copying European blue-green solutions would be insufficient.


Installing the first test setup:

Extreme testing of the first test setup: