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The aim of the pilot project

On the site of Multiblokk (Skjæveland Gruppen) south of Sandnes, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will build a new part of FV505 which includes a new bridge, a connecting road to a new industrial area and a connecting road south to Kvernaland, Bryne and later to E39. The bridge and the connecting road south are expected to receive a traffic volume corresponding to 12,000 AADT. However, due to a vulnerable recipient, it is necessary to treat the stormwater from the road (road water). A modular treatment facility has therefore been built with three different solutions in parallel, enabling parallel testing and comparison.  

The objective of the pilot project is to document the treatment efficiency, operation and maintenance of implemented solutions for treatment of stormwater from the new bridge and connecting road south, as well as facilitate further development of the treatment solutions.


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Innovation potential

Stormwater management is set high on the agenda in Norway, especially through the work of NOU2015: 16 Stormwater in cities and towns - As a problem and resource. The innovation potential lies in the development and testing of new solutions and combinations of solutions for treatment of stormwater from roads under real operation and maintenance conditions.


Photo: Per Møller-Pedersen, Storm Aqua AS